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Promo subtitles



"16 & Pregnant"

- Who is he?

- Where is he?

- What is he like?

First run of the reality "16 & Pregnant"

on 25 February at 5:30 PM

- What"s up!

I"ll manage it.

Well, I have a job.

I am a blogger.

- Are these ones really my grandchildren?

And who is a blogger?

"16 & Pregnant"


First run

Starting from 25 February at 5:30 PM on U channel.

Promotion of new project "16 & Pregnant" on U channel using a shooting promo. The broadcast promo shows the reaction and attitude of all members of the family when they hear "out-of-the blue" news.

The reality "16 & Pregnant" is a Russian adaptation of the American show created by Viacom about a teenage pregnancy. First run is on 27 February at 5:30 PM on U channel.


"Oh, My Mommy!"

What must the wife"s mother be ready to?

Oh, My Mommy!

A new shock-reality!

From 01 October at 5:30 PM on U channel.

Promotion of new project "Oh, My Mommy!" on U channel creating extraordinary situations for mothers-in-law. The idea is to put a spotlight on a mother-in-law as a superwoman who can do everything and is ready to go through many hardships, especially for her family"s happiness.



Never, God save you, place a hot cooking pot into the fridge!

Cut this cervelat thinner to make more sandwiches!

Always cut cucumber butts off!

New reality season


In a few minutes

On U channel

Promotion of new project "Momsters" on U channel using a contextual promo with pinch of humor. All mothers-in-law are different, but there is one thing that unites them and it is their unwanted advice, usually out of line.

"Momsters" is a Russian reality where mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law enter into alliance to struggle for a money award. They will have to cook tasty dishes for their guests and try to survive and not to kill each other in the kitchen.


"It is a Spring Countdown"

The spring is coming!

And we have

4 days

3 days

2 days

1 day

U channel

Spring on U channel

A special on-air design of U channel performed as a daily countdown till the first day of the spring.

After a long winter, everyone is thriving for such a wonderful thing as spring. For the second year in a row, we create special promos counting the days till the spring comes. This year we have chosen a torrent of flowers that literally stream into the ordinary life of a woman.

Speaking about its size and color, the three-dimensional realistic graphics perfectly matches our updated logo.


"Design of U-TV Channel in 2018 - 2019"

U channel

The spring is coming!

And we have

1 day

"Almost Divorced"

New series

"Oh, My Mommy!"

First run




New season

U channel

"Prettier than Ever"

Switch to Tropicaliente time!

Weekdays at 20:00

A legendary Brazilian series

"Home Swap"

New release

Spring on U channel

"Oh, My Mommy!"

A new shock-reality about family happiness

"Single Dad Seeking"

U channel logo

Reality time is 05:30 PM on U channel.

Wife Swap


Wednesday at 05:30pm

Embarrassing Bodies

Reality first run

We adhere to a concept of a "real" picture, but we have reduced a number of elements in a shot that made our graphics more distinct and neat, speaking about a new design of the channel.

We have introduced a new identification element, more precisely a bubble, showing reality as a concept of constant communication with a viewer and visually unifying all our pack shots.

The promotional graphics of the channel has gained more dimension and space due to new three-dimensional logo and tiny solid elements named bubbles.


"Brides in the city"


The budget of the promotional campaign was 69,468 RUR.

The cost includes expenses on video filming and video making, purchase of dresses on Avito, repair of tear-and-wear dresses, tailoring of wedding bags, ironing, a limousine with a driver, plates manufacturing, food and beverages, tickets for the metro. The staff of U channel acted as brides.

The flash mob of the brides in wedding dresses was held in Moscow city to promote the second season of the reality "Marry Me Now".

We outlined the following marketing challenges while conducting such a campaign:

to carry out an eye-catching, creative and lively campaign, to lure viewers and mass media, to obtain a marketing buzz on the rims.

to support brave and strong women who take control of their own destiny, break stereotypes and make a marriage proposal to men. Being fair with yourself and your partner is a sign of true strength. The participants of the reality "Marry Me Now" choose their own lives even when living in small towns.

Within the flash mob "Brides in the city" more than 20 young women, staff of U channel, in wedding dresses, with a plate #MarryMeNow, had a tour through the city center, came down to the metro and city malls, visited Griboedovsky Civil Registry Office.

The campaign has generated a huge interest in social networks: the campaign covered more than 200,000 people and made it to the top among posts in Instagram. The bride performance released quite a storm of discussions and emotions: the passers-by made videos with the brides and posted photos on social media with geotags and hashtags #MarryMeNow. Apart from it they made publications in Stories, in online publics and started live streams all over the world.

This campaign hit the taste of the tourists who vividly shared their emotions on their blogs and started live streams all over the world. The information quickly spread abroad by mass media.


New logo of U channel

New logo of U channel 2017

New logo of U channel 2018

The new logo of U channel has become dimensional, vibrant, and kinesthetic. It preserved the awareness and proportions of the previous logo. The new element of importance of the channel identification has been added, namely a bubble. The bubble is a symbol of a constant dialog with viewers maintained by the channel which creates and broadcasts the reality. The mark itself - the Venus"s mirror - may be associated with a lollipop or a waterworn little piece of glass or a precious stone. So, everyone feels reminded of something different.



- Hold on!

You make a big mistake

Don"t put in on

This ring would suit your eyes best


Ilya Valerievich, let"s say, I am an Aries. Tell me, please, what should I choose: an emerald or a sapphire?

And what about dark-haired girls?

Please, look at this ring!

25 February, 10:00 pm

Logo of U channel

Promotion of a new project "Jeweler" on U channel using an eye-catching and gorgeous broadcast promo video. The video proves that the core idea of the project is close even to the vicious criminals who can forget about everything if we speak about precious stones. The "Jeweler" is a completely fresh and new reality format for the Russian television, where a professional jeweler helps the contributors to slice and dice the world of jewelry and precious stones along with sharing his professional secrets.


Outdoor campaign "Embarrassing Bodies"

Now in Russia

"Embarrassing Bodies"

On U channel

Starting from 01 April on weekdays at 09:00 PM

We were guided by several concepts during the process while developing the initial run of the first Russian season of "Embarrassing Bodies":

A poster should be positive. The anxiety-provoking layouts, demonstrating scaring things hold people off the TV programs, and it does not suit us.

A poster should be striking and noticeable

A poster should be different from either the advertisement of medical clinic or social one. The advertisement of pharmaceutical products and medical services are well-developed in Russia. Unknown doctors (first run of the first season) will be neglected by the viewers and be considered as a promotion of some clinics. There are many governmental social programs in our country calling to have a medical check-up or to give up smoking etc. The creatives with unhealthy, covered parts of a human body remind of a social advertisement. We need completely different emotions for a promo of the TV project.

In relation to the foregoing, we have chosen a concept where a person exists in someone"s body, in which he feels like a stranger. To prepare such creatives we are going to choose the animals that are considered as harmless and non-threating, but can embody the awkwardness of the character and the situation in this particular context. The layouts are bright-colored and lure those viewers who are not aware of our project at all and have never watched it.

Опубликовано: 22.11.2019
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